Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Import and export data, directories, market research, statistics are created from actual shipment data filed from Bills of lading, Shipping Bills, Invoices filed with Customs. Data can be prepared for any export import product with authentic information like Name and address of Exporter and Importers, Prices, quantity, product descriptions, model nos, date of shipment, Bill of Lading nos, container Nos and many other useful information.

Order a report for your products now to instantly identify Importers, Buyers, Exporters, Manufactures, wholesale Suppliers or Vendors of your products. Countries covered are India, USA, Middle East, Europe, UK, China, France, Spain, Latin America more then 100 countries all over the world.

 Genuine and active exporters importers database from India export data, India import data, US Import data and UK import data.

Amino Acid, Abs Resin, Alum, Automobile Tube, Aircraft Battery, AC Adapter, Amino Phenol, Acid Green, Acephate, Acrylonitrile, Ayurvedic Medicine, Alpha Olefin, Aramid, Aluminum Tube, Auto Tool, Almond, Adhesive Rubber Tape, Artificial Necklace, Amorphous Cefuroxime Axetil, Aluminium Foil, Acetic Acid, Acrylic Fabric, Apple, Aluminium Coil, Art Pens

Brass Mirror, Bottle Cap, Benzene, Barcode Label, Bolt Din, Battery Machine, Brass Wire, Bridge, Bergamot Oil, Belt Conveyor, Brass Bangle, Benzoyl, Bearing Seal, Builder Hardware, Brown Basmati, Black Cardamom, Benzyl Benzoate, Barcode Scanner, Bamboo Veneer, Banana Chip, Beryllium Copper, Bean, Bentonite, Brass Necklace, Brass Scrap

Clutch Disc, Curtain Rod, Christmas Candle, Comb Ring, Colour Tv, Cotton Cloth, Circlip, Cucumber, Cough Syrup, Check Valve, Car Bags, Car Video, Cast Iron Vice, Coil Plates, Cotter Pin, Ceramic Colour, Cathode Ray Tube, Cotton Lungi, Copper Chloride, Carton Box, Cd Pack, Ceiling Fan Blades, Chemical Oil, Control Machine, Computer Part

Dress Glove, Dried Fish, Digital Thermometer, Dispersant, Diamond Tools, Dome Camera, Deltamethrin, Door Frame, Digital Clock, Dried Pasta, Drum Brake, Diethyl Malonate, Dyed Cotton, Diesel Engine, Dental Powder, Drive Shaft, Disc Brake Parts, Dried Grape, Door Closer, Dried Fig, Dc Motor Part, Display Rack, Deep Fryer, Distribution Board, Digital Scale

Electrical Wire, Engine Flywheel, Expansion Joint, Epoxy Resin, Ethernet Adapter, Electromagnetic, Electron Balance, Engine Cylinder, Egyptian Cotton, Electric Light, Epoxide, Epichlorohydrin, Engines Gasoline, Exhaust Manifold, Ethyl Alcohol, Electric Meter, Electronic Jacquard, Electric Coil, Embroidered Dress, Ed Caps, Epdm Rubber Profile, Ethambutol, Eyelash, Ear Light, Euro Paper

Fresh Vegetable, Frozen Shrimp, Fiber Cable, Flange, Face Towel, Frozen Sugar, Finish Oil, Furniture Board, Fluorescent Lamp, Fragrance, Fire Hose, Fungi, Flexible Packaging Material, Flange Valve, Furniture Wood, Fire Fighting, Flexible Tubing, Fruit Nut, Fresh Cherries, Film Tape, Fresh Water Shrimp, Fancy Plywood, Fish Sauce, Fiber Optical, Furnace Burner

Glass Rod, Gear Assembly, Gas Washer, Garment Hanger, Glassware, Glass Jar, Gents Trouser, Glycine, Gift Paper, Glass Handicraft, Garam Masala, Guaiacol, Glove, Glass Bead, Girl Glove, Green Slabs, Garment, Glass Frame, Glass Cup, Glass Block, Girls Salwar Kameez, Glutamic Acid, Graphite, Garment Bag, Gum Arabic

Herringbone, Handicraft, Herb Powder, Hologram, Hawai Chappal, Head Lamp, Hex Nut, Hand Tufted Carpet, Hair Clip, Hydraulic Jack, Hp Laserjet, Heat Cap, Hand Embroidery, Hardware Ball, Hazardous Chemical, High Speed Steel, Hard Chrome, Hessian Cloth, Hydraulic Lift, Hdpe Bottle, Handicrafts Napkin Ring, Henna Powder, Heating Elements, Hose Pump, Herbal Supplement

Industrial Oil, Inflatable Synthetic, Intel Cpu, Indian Cotton, Ignition Cable, Iron Bracket, Indian White Rice, Injection Mold, Incense Stand, Instant Coffee, Injection Spare, Injection Plastic, Iron Rack, Indian Sugar, Iron Candle Holder, Iron Rod, Indian Choli, Iron Hardware, Indian Shawls, Imitation Necklace, Iron Chair, Inlet Valve, Iodine, Isoprene Rubber, Insulin Syringe

Jacket Zip, Jogging Suit, Jig, Jasmine, Jean Pant, Jute Durries, Jewelry Box, Jute Mat, Japanese Food, Jewellery Accessories, Jewelry, Juice, Jar Mixer, Jeans, Jewellery Costume, Jersey Shirt, Joystick, Juice Syrup, Jacquard Towel, Junction Box, Jacquard Fabric, Jumper, Jute Wall Hanging, Jute Matting, Jack Wheel

Key Lock, Kidney Bean, Kaftan Dresses, Knitting Machine, Kitchen Strainer, Kettle, Knitted Nightwear, Key Case, Knit Jersey, Kitchen Steel Sink, Kitchen Bowl, Key Holder, Kerosene Oil, Knitted Yarn, Kitchen Paper, Kitchenware, Kashmir Carpets, Knitted Fabric, Knitwear, Key Chain, Kitchen Equipment, Keychains, Knitted Top, Kitchen Mat, Kitchen Furniture

Ladies Skirt, Ladies Denim Skirts, Lecithin, Lipid, Lubricant Oil, Lugs Cable, Laminator, Lathe Machine, Lighting Fixture, Ladies Apparel, Ladies Bra, Laser Lamp, Ladies Rayon, Ladies Lining Jacket, Ladies Wear, Ladies Midi, Lock Parts, Lipstick, Lead Battery, Leather Chappal, Lamp Holder, Leather Handbags, Ladies Blazer, Lining Fabrics, Locking Ring

Micrometer, Metal Tray, Mechanical Pencil, Mentha Piperita Oil, Metal Ornament, Monolithic, Movement Clock, Mitten, Mechanical Seal, Magnet Tape, Magnet Wire, Mesh Filter, Metal Iron, Magnify Glass, Miniature Lamp, Milk Fat, Methyl Pyridine, Manganese Dioxide, Metal Card, Machine Hydraulic, Metformin Hcl, Metal Cans, Motorcycle Parts, Mild Steel Bars, Marble Blocks

Nylon Brush, Nitro, Niacinamide, Note Paper, Numbering Machine, Nickel Oxide, Needle Roller, Night Lamp, Network Cable, Nitric Acid, Nylon Nut, Net Card, Nitrile Gloves, Nylon, Nightgown, Necklace Bracelet, Nozzle Spray, Nasal Spray, Notebook, Natural Leather, Nickel Silver Wire, Negative Film, Nozzle Holder, Nightstand, Nets

Orange Juice, Omeprazole Pellets, Oxide Zinc, Oil Fuel Oil, Ophthalmic Lens, Oil Tank, Oil Furnace, Office Chair, Onion Bags, Oil Lubricant, Oval Box, Oxide Magnesium, Organza Fabric, Orthopaedic, Offset Printing Ink, Oil Gasket, O Ring Seal, Oxytetracyclin, Oil Pressure Switch, Outboard Motor, Oxide, Orange Acid, Oxygen Cylinder, Ore Iron, Onion

Pencil Sharpener, Picture Tube, Platter, Plastic Bullet, Peripherals Computer, Polycarbonate Resin, Petrol Oil, Piston Pump, Pouch Bag, Paint Primer, Plastic Hair Ornament, Paper Holder, Plastic Tray, Poppy, Polyester Yarn, Poly Styrene, Pigment Red 112, Plastic Stationery, Peach Cotton, Paperboard, Parts Compressor, Ply Box, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Plain Fabric, Paper Can

Quilt, Quartz Alarm Clock, Quartz Lamp, Quartz Clock, Quality Yarn, Quick Coupler, Quinine Sulphate, Quartz Glass Tube, Quinine, Quilted Bag, Quartz Stone, Quartz Tube, Quilt Bed, Quinoline, Quick Connector, Quartz, Quartz Watch, Quilt Cushion Cover, Quantum, Quinine Hydrochloride, Quilted Bed Spread, Quilt Pillow, Quartzite, Quartz Tile

Rim Wheel, Rubber Tube, Readymade Trousers, Roller Taper, Rice Bran, Recliner, Rubber Wire, Resistor, Rubber Carbon, Roller Brush, Roller Pin, Red Cotton, Reading Glasses, Rear View Mirror, Roll Tissue, Roller Bearing, Riding, Rivet, Rubber Footwear, Refractory Ceramic, Rice Cooker, Rayon Shawl, Rubber Bonded Part, Roller Pump, Ramming Mass

Sand Grinder, Studded Jewellery, Slice Toaster, Slewing Ring, Silver Bracelet, Sequine, Screw Pin, Sodium Thiosulphate, Stainless Steel Coupling, Steam Generator, Shrimp, Stainless Steel Sheet, Solar Panel, Steel Knife, Silicon Element, Succinimide, Salt Powder, Sodium Chloride, Shaving Cream, Steel Hinge, Silk Dupion, Synthetic Leather, Sesame Seeds, Stainless Steel Plate, Street Light

Taper Bearing, Table Base, Turmeric Oleoresin, Travertine Marble, Taffeta, Telecom Equipment, Truck Parts, Thiourea, Truck Chassis, Typewriter, Talcum Powder, Table, Thermo Container, Toys, Truck Tyre, Television Receiver, Testing Instrument, Thyristors, Textile Machine, Tensile, Travel Cap, Transformer Oil, Tertiary Butyl, Tool Bag, T Nuts

Usb Cable, U Tube, Underwear, Utensil Aluminium, Ultrasonic Machine, Ultramarine Blue, Universal Shaft, Ufo Lamp, Usb Keyboard, Uriedo Aniline, Umbrella, Usb Card, Ups Battery, Ultramarine, Utensil, U Valve, U Bolts, Ultrasound Diagnostic, Usb Disk, Usb Modem, Usb Drive, Usb Reader, Uniform, Uncoated Paper, U Bolt

Viscose Silk Polyester, Video Camera, Velvet Fabric, Valve Casting, Vase Glass, Viscose Cotton, Vacuum Flasks, Voltage Regulator, Vannamei Shrimp, Vacuum Valve, Valve Intake, Vulkacit, Viscose Shawl, Valve Plate, Valve Globe, Vegetable Seed, Vinyl Copolymer, Valve Gasket, Voltage Porcelain Insulator, Vacuum Gasoil, Valve Pipe, Video Phone, Vanillin, Valve Bonnet, Video Equipment

Welding Wire, Washer Machine, Woodfree Paper, White Basmati Rice, Wall Bracket, Wood Adhesive, Western Saddle, Waste Cotton, Wooden Corn, Wood Polish, Wooden Handicraft, Woven Cloth, Wire Hose, Wooden Drawer, Wood Birch, Wiper, Wool Acrylic, Welding Electrode Wire, Watch Box, Woollen Shawl, Wine Bag, Woven Bag, Wood Pulp, Weave Basket, Weighing Scale

Xlpe Cable, X Mas Hanging, X Ray Tube, Xmas Ornament, X Mas Ornaments, X Ray Camera, Xerox Copier, X Mas Tree, Xylene, X Premium Beer, X Ray Machine, Xanthan Gum, X Mas Decoration, X Ray Equipment, X Ray Accessories, Xerox, Xylidine, Xenon Lamp, X Ray Film, Xerox Printer

Yarn Dyed Fabric, Yarn In Cotton, Yellow Synthetic, Yeast, Yarn Towel, Yarn Dyed Polo Shirt, Yellow Soy, Yarn Filament, Yogurt, Yarn Chenille, Yellow 2, Yellow Onions, Yellow Pigment, Yarn Waste, Ylang Oil, Yellow Marble, Yarn Dye Cotton Fabrics, Yellow 4, Yellow Stone, Yellow Oxide, Yarn Dye, Ya Pear, Yellow Maize, Yellow 12, Yarn Dyed Polyester

Zinc Bolts, Zari Handicrafts, Zircon Oxide, Zipper Hoodie, Zipper Puller, Zinc Coil, Zinc, Zinc Sulphate Mono, Zirconium, Zip Fastener, Zirconium Oxide, Zip, Zinc Ash, Zinc Ingot, Zirconium Oxychloride, Zinc Oxide, Zipper Bag, Zinc Hook, Zip Lock, Zeolite, Zinc Wire, Zipper Nylon, Zipper Chain, Zinc Chloride, Zinc Powder

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