Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Importers Exporter Directory and Import Export Data.

Import and export data, directories, market research, statistics are created from actual shipment data filed from Bills of lading, Shipping Bills, Invoices filed with Customs. Data can be prepared for any export import product with authentic information like Name and address of Exporter and Importers, Prices, quantity, product descriptions, model nos, date of shipment, Bill of Lading nos, container Nos and many other useful information.

Order a report for your products now to instantly identify Importers, Buyers, Exporters, Manufactures, wholesale Suppliers or Vendors of your products. Countries covered are India, USA, Middle East, Europe, UK, China, France, Spain, Latin America more then 100 countries all over the world.

 Genuine and active exporters importers database from India export data, India import data, US Import data and UK import data.

Alloy Steel, Aluminum Plate, Aircraft, Ammunition, Antimony, Acid Grade Fluorspar, Aluminum Chair, Adhesive Label, Automotive Light, Agarbatti, Acid Brilliant Scarlet, Air Filters Oil, Alum Frame, Anodized Aluminium, Aircraft Battery, Aluminum Scrap, Antenna, Amino Resin, Automotive Fuel Pump, Automation, Amikacin Sulphate, Acrylic Resin, Ammonium Fluoride, Alan, Aliphatic

Black Slate, Butene, Bone Handicrafts, Brazing Flux, Bathroom Fitting, Bicycle Parts, Ball Pump, Bonding Agent, Bitumin, Brass Stay, Bowls, Biotin, Butyl Acrylate, Brass Candle Holder, Bean, Bronze Powder, Baby Frock, Bolt Nut, Bakelite, Ball Roller Bearing, Butadiene Styrene, Brass Sheet, Benzyl Benzoate, Brake Wheel, Boat Fender

Cooler, Cauliflower, Chiller, Cherry, Cable Ties, Comb, Custard Powder, Cut Rose, Curtain Fabric, Cotton Napkin, Cotton Bandage, Cotton Silk Bag, Cd Writer, Cpu Fan, Cork, Calcium Ferro, Cotton Clip, Candle Holder, Cotton Hanger, Cardboard Box, Chair Cushion, Canvas Rubber, Con Rod, Casing Api Pipe, Casserol

Diethyl, Dried Dates, Dispersant, Doctor Blade, Di Ethyl Phthalate, Dosing Pump, Decor Candle, Dicyandiamide, Denim Apparel, Denim Trousers, Dried Pasta, Decorative Item, Dimethylamine, Denim Jacket, Diamond Tools, Din Rubber, Dental Product, Detectors, Dried Plum, Drill Pipe, Disperse Yellow, Deuterium, Door Mat, Dell Computer, Denim Pant

Electronic Clock, Easel, Embroidery Silk, Ethyl Glycol, Exercise Equipment, Electronic Instrument, Electrolytic Plate, Electromagnetic, Egyptian Cotton, Epoxy Resin, Engine Filter, Electric Circuit, Epns Wares, Engine Coil, Ethanol Alcohol, Eye Washer, Electric Kettle, Electronic Automatic, Engine Cylinder, Easter, Ethyl Mercaptan, Eyebolt, Eye Hook, Electronic Component, Electronic Power

Furfuryl Alcohol, Folding Carton, Flavoured Tea, Fiber Accessories, Ferro Manganese, Frozen Beef Boneless, Fabric Polyester, Fruit, Fabric Bed, Footwear, Formamide, Fashion Jacket, Formic Acid, Felt Hat, Frusemide, Filter Pump, Finger Ring, Fumed Silica, Forgings Steel Forging, Flow Indicator, Fastener, Flexible Tubing, Fresh Potato, Flavour, Fresh Fish

Gas Cartridge, Gum Sheet, Glass Flower, Glycine, Greeting Card, Gift Toy, Gear Part, Glass Fiber, Gent Leather, Guar Gum, Geranium, Guar Gum Powder, Glass Jar, Glass Bottle, Grinding Wheel, Glass Fuse, Graphite, Grinding Machine, Graphic Art Film, Garcinia, Glass Stand, Gas Generator, Granite Tiles, Gear Housing, Gasket Cylinder

Hydrocarbons, Heat Oil, Hot Rolled Sheet, Hinge, Handicrafts Napkin Ring, Hand Drill, Hydraulic Tool, Hockey Stick, Handmade Necklace, Hot Rolled, Hydraulic Oil, Herbal Cosmetics, Hydrocarbon Oil, Hot Plate, Hardware Ball, Hydraulic Seal, Heat Exchange, Hose Pipe, Hand Ring, Hacksaw, Horse Rug, Head Cylinder, Hard Gelatin, Headlight, Hydraulic Cylinder

Ignition Transformer, Iron Hanger, Iron Hardware, Isopropyl Alcohol, Iso Propyl Alcohol, Indian Cashew Kernels, Insulated Wire, Iron Wire, Isoprene Rubber, Indian Rug, Iran Dates, Iso Propyl, Infant Jacket, Indigo Dye, Iron Furniture, Insulation Board, I V Cannula, Injection Mold, Indian Cotton, Iron Powder, Iron Press, Isocynate, Iodine, Iron Hook, Ice Container

Jute Mat, Jewelry Bracelet, Jali, Jasmin Tea, Jute Made Bags, Jute Bag, Jigsaw, Jute Soil Saver, Jacket, Jack Plug, Jute Cloth, Jewel Box, Jacket Hanger, Jump Rope, Jewellery Costume, Jute Rugs, Japanese Food, James, Juice Syrup, Jean Pant, Jersey, Jelly, Jute Sack, Jacquard Towel, Jet Ink Printer

Kitchen Article, Knitted Yarn, Knitting Yarn, Knitted Fabric, Kitchen Cutlery, Key Holder, Kurta Pyjama, Kerosene Oil, Knitted Polyester, Kitchen Table, Knitted Clothing, Kitchenware, Kaftan Dresses, Kokam, Keychains, Knitted Garment, Kitchen Paper, Kitchen Bowl, Knitted Sweat Shirt, Kesar Mango Pulp, Kitchen Holder, Knitted Ladies Garment, Kaftan Silk, Kraft Paper Sack, Kettle

Lamb Fur, Laces, Laryngoscope, Level Gauge, Lining Fabrics, Ladies Scarves, Lead Battery, Ladies Salwar Suit, Light Torch, Load Cell, Laboratory Equipment, Ladies Cotton Bag, Lysine, Linen Rayon, Ladies Short, Lamp Ring, Leak Detector, Lampshade, Lead Acid Battery, Leather Handbags, Ladies Sleeves, Lcd Tv, Loperamide, Lead Acid, Laser Printer Parts

Machine Oil, Motorcycle Chain, Mica Paper, Molasses, Motor Muffler, Metal Trophy, Miniature Lamp, Medical Pvc, Methyl Acetate, Metal Case, Metal Ink, Mustard Oil, Mesh Filter, Motors, Methyl Ethyl, Mufflers, Mpeg Card, Multimedia Projector, Metha Acrylate, Mannequin, Moong Dal, Milling Machine, Metal Ornament, Michelin, Mixer Amplifier

Nightwear, Nicotinamide BP, Needle Bar, Nickel Alloy, Naphthalene Crude, Nylon Tape, Nitro Benzene, Nappa Leather, Nylon Polyamide, Note Pad, Nickel Cathode, Needle Valve, Nickel Plate, Nylon Bag, Natural Sesame, Nylon Cord, Nut Hex, Nylon, Nonyl Phenol, Napthalene, Noodle Sauce, Night Light, Nylon Handbag, Needle Machine, Nylon Chips

Operating Table, Ore Concentrate, Organic Synthetic Tanning, Oxide Magnesium, Organic Acid, Olyester, Oven, Oats, Ornament Beads, Oleoresin Paprika, Orange, Oil Painting, Oysters, Organic Food, Oral Suspension, Optical Glass, Organic Oil, Olive Oil, Organic Coffee, O Rings, Optical Lenses, Oil Cover, Ortho Anisidine, Oil Pump, Orange Juice

Piston Oil, Paper Packaging Material, Plastic Flower, Proportional Valve, Plastic Components, Pulses Peas, Panasonic, Pharmaceutical Medicine, Plastic Zipper, Perfume Oil, Pan Cover, Polish Pad, Poly Propylene, Pomegranate, Photometer, Pine Resin, Photo Paper, Printed Tag, Poly Pallet, Pen Gift, Poster, Pressure Sensor, Photo Printer, Polyest Pipe, Paper Print

Quartz Clock, Quartzite, Quartz Stone, Quartz Watch, Quartz Tube, Quilt Bed, Quartz, Quilted Bed Spread, Quinoline, Quartz Glass Tube, Quilt, Quilted Bag, Quinine Hydrochloride, Quality Yarn, Quilt Cushion Cover, Quick Coupler, Quantum, Quinine Sulphate, Quinine, Quartz Lamp, Quartz Tile, Quartz Alarm Clock, Quick Connector, Quilt Pillow

Recorder, Reactive Dye, Rayon Tassel, Red Acid, Roll Label, Resistor, Red Henna, Rubber Mounting, Roxithromycin, Roll Belt, Rope, Rayon Yarn, Relay Socket, Rofecoxib, Rocker, Rear Axle Shaft, Roasted Gram, Rhodium, Resins, Rubber Accelerator, Rubber Wheel, Ring Tube, Refrigerator, Rice Cereal, Rubber Compound

Side Table, Screws Fasteners, Sand Grinder, Sealant, Servo Drive, Stone Statue, Scrap Iron, Sony Ericsson Mobile, Sodium Mono, Straw, Straight Wire, Stretch Film, Silicone Rubber, Solenoid Switch, Seamless Gloves, Soyabean Oil, Soap Noodle, Spiral Pipe, Shag Rug, Silk Thread, Steel Elbow, Sack Bags, Shawl Silk, Servo Brake, Switch Gear

Tea Ware, Test Paper, Tread Rubber, Tensioner Belt, Thermoplastic, Tinidazole, Turbine Generator, TIN WIRE, Timing Pulley, Tarpaulins, Tower Bolt, Tinplate, Telescope, Toothpaste, Table Base, Tungsten Carbide, Timken Tapered Roller, Tops Blouse, Taffeta Fabric, Travel Bag, Table Runner, Tension Meter, Tobacco, Terpineol, Totapuri Mango Pulp

Usb Mouse, Ups Power Supply, U Tube, U Valve, Uncoated Paper, Ubatuba Granite, Umbrella, Ups Battery, Urethane, Underwear, Ultrasound Scanner, U Wire, Universal Bracket, Usb Cable, Usb Disk, Usb Reader, Universal Joint, Usb Card, Universal Shaft, Ufo Lamp, Usb Keyboard, Usb Drive, Uniform, Urea, Ultrasound Diagnostic

Vat Violet, Video Tape, Vitamin E, Vinyl Paper, Varnish, Valve Housing, Vitamin A, Viscose Yarn, Valve Fitting, V Belt, Vinyl Sulphone Dye, Valve Switch, Valve Tappet, Valve Seat, Velvet Fabric, Vase Ceramic, Valve Bonnet, Valve Seal, Venlafaxine Hcl, Vegetable Oil, Voltage Porcelain Insulator, Valve Thermostat, Vanilla, Vitamin C, Visco Fan

Worm Shaft, Wooden Frames, Wood Comb, Woven Placemat, Weaving Polyester, Welding Electrode Wire, Wooden Frame Sofa, Wall Hanger, Writing Paper, White Adhesive, Woven Cushion, Weighing Scale, Wooden Art, Wall Tube, Woven Ladies Wear, Wheel Bearing, Weaving Yarn, Woollen Worsted Yarn, Wooden Ornament, Watch Dial, Window Curtain, White Sugar, Waste Kraft Paper, Wooden Bed, Washer Plate

X Ray Machine, X Ray Camera, X Mas Tree, X Ray Accessories, X Ray Film, Xerox Printer, X Mas Hanging, Xenon Lamp, X Premium Beer, Xerox Copier, X Mas Ornaments, Xylene, Xanthan Gum, Xerox, X Ray Tube, X Mas Decoration, X Ray Equipment, Xylidine, Xmas Ornament, Xlpe Cable

Yogurt, Yellow Lemon, Yellow Stone, Yellow Jacket, Yarn Wool, Yellow Iron Oxide, Y Shirt, Yellow 12, Yarn Thread, Yarn Polyster, Yellow Onions, Ylang Oil, Yellow Paper, Yarn Towel, Yarn Jute, Yellow 1, Yellow Croaker, Yarn In Cotton, Yarn Chenille, Yellow Oxide, Yarn Fabric, Yellow Pigment, Yellow Pine, Yoga Mat, Yellow Soy

Zip Jacket, Zari Lace, Zinc Dust, Zipper Chain, Zirconium Carbonate, Zinc Scrap, Zinc Wire, Zirconium Oxychloride, Zip, Zinc Coil, Zinc Sulphate Mono, Zari Handicrafts, Zinc Sulphate, Zipper Hoodie, Zinc Powder, Zipper Lock, Zirconium, Zinc Ash, Zener Diode, Zinc Alloy, Zip Bag, Zari Badges, Zinc Plate, Zip Fastener, Zirconium Oxide

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