Research Dye-chem Industries Research Dye-chem Industries C/.303-remi Bizcourt, 3rd Flr, Shah India. Importers and Exporters
Research Dye-chem Industries

Research Dye-chem Industries


Research Dye-chem Industries

  C/.303-remi Bizcourt, 3rd Flr, Shah, Veera Desai Road,
  Andheri West,mumbai
  Country: India
  Telephone: 6317350/6320361
  Fax: 6919427


Top Export Product Information of Research Dye-chem Industries

HS CodeProduct Description
30031000 Textiles Dyes & Chemicals 
30049011 Textile Dyes & Chemical-sodium Sulphate 
38099109 Textile Dyes And Chemicals Binder Zx 
38099110 Textile Dyes & Chemical Polyjet Clean 

Export Shipment database details of Research Dye-chem Industries

Date HS Code Description India Port Foreign Port Foreign Country Quantity Unit of Quantity
16-12-2003 30031000 Textiles Dyes & Chemicals Bombay Air Muscat Oman 50  Kgs 
29-12-2004 30049011 Textile Dyes & Chemical-sodium Sulphate Bombay Air Muscat Oman 500  Kgs 
18-8-2003 38099109 Textile Dyed & Chemical Polyset Ws Bombay Air Sultan Qaboos Oman 450  Kgs 
16-6-2003 38099109 Textile Dyues And Chemicals Diff.type S Colours Qlty. As Per Pasted Inv. Amigena Jnpt  Sultan Qaboos  400  Kgs 
14-5-2003 38099109 Textile Dyes And Chemicals Binder Zx Jnpt Port Qaboos  200  Kgs 
18-9-2003 38099110 Textile Dyes & Chemical Polyjet Clean Jnpt Sultan Qaboos Oman 450  Kgs 

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