P. C. Kannan Co P. C. Kannan Co 133/2, Pullalakottai Road India. Importers and Exporters
P. C. Kannan Co

P. C. Kannan Co


P. C. Kannan Co

  133/2, Pullalakottai Road
  Virudhunagar Tamilnadu
  Country: India
  Telephone: (04562)42868/(04562)44168
  Fax: N/A


Top Export Product Information of P. C. Kannan Co

HS CodeProduct Description
09042020 Chilli Powder Packed In 100 New Pol 
09083010 Cardamom Packed In 40 New Poly Sack 
11041900 Vermicelli Packed In 100 New Carton 
13019013 L.g.asafoetida Packed In 10 New Car 

Export Shipment database details of P. C. Kannan Co

Date HS Code Description India Port Foreign Port Foreign Country Quantity Unit of Quantity
26-8-2004 09042020 Chilli Powder Packed In New Poly Sacks60 Sacks Each 25 Kg Netsion Sl.no.e43 Madras Sea Mypgu Malaysia 1  Mts 
24-6-2004 09042020 Chilli Powder (100 New Poly Sacks Each25 Kg Net) (sion Sl.no.e-43) Madras Sea  Malaysia 2  Mts 
10-2-2004 09042020 Chilli Powder Packed In 100 New Pol Madras Sea Pasir Gudang Malaysia 2  Mts 
20-10-2004 09083010 Cardamom Packed In 20 New Poly Sackseach 50 Kgs Net Sion Sl No E43 Madras Sea Mypkg Malaysia 1  Mts 
16-6-2004 09083010 Cardamompacked In 30 New Poly Sacks Each 50 Kgnet [sion Sl.no.e-43] Madras Sea  Malaysia 1  Mts 
07-3-2004 09083010 Cardamom Packed In 40 New Poly Sack Madras Sea Port Kelang Malaysia 2  Mts 
21-9-2004 11041900 Vermicelli Packed In New Cartons[100 Cartons Each 20 Kg Net]sion Sl.no.e-43 Madras Sea Mypkg Malaysia 2  Mts 
16-6-2004 11041900 Vermicellipacked In 100 New Cartons Each 20 Kg Net Madras Sea  Malaysia 2  Mts 
07-3-2004 11041900 Vermicelli Packed In 100 New Carton Madras Sea Port Kelang Malaysia 2  Mts 
23-3-2004 13019013 L.g.asafoetida Packed In 10 New Car Madras Sea Port Kelang Malaysia 0  Mts 
21-9-2004 13019013 L.g.asafoetida Packed In New Cartons[20 Cartons Each 25 Kg Net]sion Sl.no.e-43 Madras Sea Mypkg Malaysia 0  Mts 

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