New India Metal Exports New India Metal Exports 407,chitla Gate, India. Importers and Exporters
New India Metal Exports

New India Metal Exports


New India Metal Exports

  407,chitla Gate,
  Chawri Bazar
  Country: India
  Telephone: N/A
  Fax: N/A


Top Export Product Information of New India Metal Exports

HS CodeProduct Description
56060009 Handicrafts Item Brass Dinner Bell 
73261990 Iron Single Cow Bell #3305 
74020090 Handicraft Items Brass S.bowls Assorted 
74181910 H/c Items: Epns Planter 
74199930 Artware Of Epns Planters Set Of 3 Pcs #693283 

Export Shipment database details of New India Metal Exports

Date HS Code Description India Port Foreign Port Foreign Country Quantity Unit of Quantity
12-5-2003 56060009 Handicrafts Item Brass Dinner Bell Delhi Tkd Icd Sydney Australia 36  Pcs 
09-6-2003 56060009 White Metal Artware W/mb.lamp Carved (7) Delhi Tkd Icd Le Havre France 60  Pcs 
31-10-2003 73261990 Iron Single Cow Bell #3305 Delhi Tkd Icd Sydney Australia 697  Pcs 
09-12-2004 74020090 Handicraft Items Brass S.bowls Assorted Delhi Air New York United States 25  Pcs 
29-11-2004 74181910 Handicrafts Items:-- Brass Lamp Base Carved Oxyd. Delhi Ppg Icd Greenwood United States 1  Pcs 
04-5-2004 74181910 H/c Items: Epns Planter Delhi Air Melbourne Australia 2  Pcs 
30-4-2004 74199930 Handicraft Item Brass Planter Hammerred Oxyd 14.5x30 Delhi Ppg Icd Genoa Italy 12  Pcs 
28-6-2004 74199930 Handicrafts Item:-- Brass O Bowl Delhi Ppg Icd Newcastle Upon Tyne United Kingdom 20  Set 
23-12-2004 74199930 Artware Of Brass Brass Wheat Ridge Wall Vases Oxyd Delhi Ppg Icd New York United States 36  Set 
10-8-2004 74199930 Handicrafts Items: Brass Oval Tray Delhi Ppg Icd Chicago United States 8  Pcs 
07-11-2003 74199930 Artware Of Epns Planters Set Of 3 Pcs #693283 Delhi Tkd Icd Civitave Cchia Italy 312  Set 
05-11-2004 74199930 Handicraft Of Brass Epns Artware Brass Round Tray With Base Oxyd Delhi Air Dubai United Arab Emirates 4  Pcs 
04-6-2004 74199930 Handicraft Of Brass Brass Planter Carved Oxyd Pl-1503,set Of 4 (17.5,16,13.5,1 Delhi Tkd Icd Jebel Ali United Arab Emirates 144  Set 
04-11-2004 74199930 Artware Of Epns Bangles Delhi Tkd Icd Longwood/florida United States 1200  Pcs 
02-6-2004 74199930 Handicrafts Items:- Brass Planter. Delhi Ppg Icd Genova Italy 20  Pcs 

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