Euresian Euresian 101, Marine Chambers, India. Importers and Exporters




  101, Marine Chambers,
  11, New Marine Lines,
  Mumbai. Maharashtra
  Country: India
  Telephone: ++91 22 5633 2427-31
  Fax: N/A


Top Export Product Information of Euresian

HS CodeProduct Description
01011010 Tetra-n-butyl Ammonium Fluoride 
13021911 Crude Drugs: Garcinia Cambogia Dry Extract 50% H.c.a. 
20041001 Mdeicine Bulk Drugs Pantoprazole Sodium 
27079900 Dextromethorphan Hbr 
28051100 Phenytoin Sodium Usp 25 

Export Shipment database details of Euresian

Date HS Code Description India Port Foreign Port Foreign Country Quantity Unit of Quantity
15-3-2004 01011010 Tetra-n-butyl Ammonium Fluoride Bombay Air Manchester Usa 22  Ltr 
12-1-2004 01011010 Omeprazole Pellets 10% Bombay Air Sao Paulo Brazil 3  Kgs 
01-9-2003 13021911 Crude Drugs: Garcinia Cambogia Dry Extract 50% H.c.a. Jnpt Santos Brazil 2000  Kgs 
09-6-2003 20041001 Mdeicine Bulk Drugs Pantoprazole Sodium Bombay Air Sao Paulo Brazil 20  Kgs 
04-10-2004 27079900 2- Benzoyl Pyridine Bombay Air Paris France 100  Kgs 
01-10-2004 27079900 Dextromethorphan Hbr Bombay Air Madrid Spain 25  Kgs 
09-3-2004 28051100 Phenytoin Sodium Usp 25 Jnpt Gyndia Gyndia 600  Kgs 

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