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Amf Exports

Amf Exports


Amf Exports

  New Delhi
  Country: India
  Telephone: N/A
  Fax: N/A


Top Export Product Information of Amf Exports

HS CodeProduct Description
01011010 Lmb Tb Skr Lambert Table Skewer Set/4 
01011090 Epns Artware Cork Screw 
62063000 Stainless Steel Ware Cheese Knife 
71179010 Epns Artware Flower Salad Server Set/2 
71179090 Epns Artware Chase Board Set 

Export Shipment database details of Amf Exports

Date HS Code Description India Port Foreign Port Foreign Country Quantity Unit of Quantity
17-11-2004 01011010 Lmb Tb Skr Lambert Table Skewer Set/4 Delhi Air New York United States 75  Set 
27-8-2004 01011090 Epns Artware Cork Screw Delhi Air New York United States 50  Pcs 
04-11-2004 62063000 Stainless Steel Ware Cheese Knife Delhi Air London United Kingdom 100  Pcs 
13-5-2004 71179010 Epns Artware Flower Salad Server Set/2 Delhi Air Boston United States 10  Set 
28-12-2004 71179090 Stainless Steel Cutlery Tea Spoon Delhi Air Paris France 100  Pcs 
11-11-2004 71179090 Epns Artware Chase Board Set Delhi Air New York United States 60  Set 

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